• Cliff Seretan, MS, LMT
    Cliff Seretan, MS, LMT

    Cliff Seretan, MS, LMT (Lic. No. 20017)

    Cliff is delighted to participate in the DAYA community. He looks forward to working collaboratively with all who are touched by the spirit of DAYA to cooperatively achieve and maintain wellness of body, spirit and the humanity in us all. His philosophy of massage is to use his expertise to provide the client with the information and care to ensure each session is uniquely suited to the immediate bodywork needs of the client. When the client takes an active role in their treatment, we work together as a team to ensure the best possible outcomes.

    Cliff’s study of massage and bodywork has focused on mixed modalities with an emphasis on Eastern modalities, including Shiatsu, Acupressure and understanding the nature of the Chinese meridians. Western techniques, such as myofascial and trigger point release, are additionally used for therapeutic massage on neuro-muscular adhesions.

    Your comfort and care are Cliff’s primary objective; he wants to do his utmost to make the session meet your long-term wellness expectations.

  • Richard Haynes
    Richard Haynes

    Richard Haynes, founder of Ayurveda Plus, 1992.  I believe my approach to Ayurveda that incorporates modern technology to verify and track each persons journey allows for a deeper experience and a speedier return to balance.  Many of my clients have seen other practitioners prior to seeing me.  They always tell me that seeing instant, objective confirmation of their experience brings new insights and inspiration that they did not receive in prior consultations.

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