Come experience renewal with a massage therapy session specifically designed for you! These sessions encompass a broad array of bodywork modalities to alleviate stress and pain, thereby restoring balance to your challenging day. Periodic sessions endeavor to improve self-care and maintain well-being.

Meet your massage therapist:
Cliff Seretan, MS, LMT.

What does a typical session look like?
A typical session might include acupressure, using local and distal acupuncture points. Myofascial and Trigger Point release would be used to ease painful adhesions or muscle "knots." Jones' Strain-Counterstrain technique might also be employed to release and reset muscle memory. Shiatsu is generally employed to balance and calm the body and Craniosacral the spirit.

Typically, one wears a yoga or jogging outfit during the session, and coverings are added to adjust for a comfortable temperature.

Each session is crafted for the individual's needs on that day, as the client and Cliff collaboratively determine.

After an appropriate healthcare provider has ruled out complications, specific injuries or pathologies may be treated with palliative care to ease the pain and help improve function.

What is the cost?
In keeping with DAYA Foundation's ethos, sessions are offered at area low rates to better serve our community. The suggested rate is $65 per hour or $75 for a more complete session, which encompasses at least an hour and a half.

Sessions may also be pre-purchased at a reduced rate of $300 for five hours or $550 for ten. Should the rate exceed your means, please contact us to determine what additional accommodations might be made.

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