• Beck Forsland, BS, ERYT 200, RYT 500, ACC & Studio Manager at DAYA Foundation
    Beck Forsland, BS, ERYT 200, RYT 500, ACC & Studio Manager at DAYA Foundation

    Beck grew up climbing trees, racing around outdoors, and playing a range of sports including soccer, volleyball, and tennis. She felt a calling to help the underdogs which led to her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a second major in Art. Beck first tried yoga in college with her mom and sisters for Mother’s Day. Although she had ongoing lower back pain from an injury sustained when she was 15, it wasn’t until many years later that she understood the physical benefits of yoga. The thing that hooked her early on was the peace and sense of rightness that she had during and after class. Today Beck has been teaching yoga for nearly 6 years. She founded a yoga studio in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 2012 and lead classes, workshops, retreats, corporate wellness series, and private lessons. In November 2016 Beck moved to Portland, Oregon to join DAYA.

  • Xenia Ellenbogen, RYT-200
    Xenia Ellenbogen, RYT-200

    Xenia believes yoga is a practice for all bodies. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Amy Pastore of iFlow Yoga and studied classical hatha with Dharma Mittra while living in New York. Xenia is passionate about how yoga can affect communities and enliven social justice. When not practicing yoga, Xenia is a musician and writer. She strives to bring attention to alignment and trauma sensitivity to her classes. She is grateful to her many teachers!

  • Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, RYT 500
    Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, RYT 500

    Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT-500 yoga teacher and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation.  Her teachings are informed by her extensive Eastern and Western studies including transpersonal counseling, art therapy, interpersonal neurobiology, the psychology of yoga, Ayurveda, and rehabilitative yoga. Her book Hunger, Hope & Healing: A Yoga Approach to Reclaiming Your Relationship with Your Body and Food outlines her unique approach to yoga for recovery; integrating powerful yoga and mindfulness tools with modern day psychological modalities for an effective and comprehensive approach to healing. Committed to supporting marginalized populations and using yoga for social justice Sarahjoy founded Living Yoga and the DAYA Foundation. A sought after teacher of teachers, she leads multiple 200-hr and 500-hr teacher trainings and yoga therapy professional trainings in the Northwest, international retreats and is a regular instructor at Kripalu and Breitenbush Hot Springs.

    Visit Sarahjoy’s website or follow her Facebook page.

  • Michael Feldman
    Michael Feldman

    Michael Feldman is a Physical Education Professional specializing in Pain Management, Postural Alignment, and Functional Anatomy/Movement. He believes Structural Imbalances in the body caused by past trauma, repetitive actions, and the stress of daily living can lead to pain or injury when unaddressed. Michael has great skill diagnosing these imbalances, taking into account both personal and physical history, and finds resolve using Hands-On Therapy, Self-Care, and Re-Educating the Body to move with Ease and Comfort blending his wide range of study and out-of-the-box style. After completing his degree on a four year football scholarship from Syracuse University, Michael began his wellness career in 1988 as a Fitness Coach, was certified by The Rolf Institute in 1992, and Pilates, MELT Method, yoga, Cross Fit, Feldenkrais, Motor Control, and a wide range of Osteopathic and Somatic based trainings have occupied his ongoing quest for finding the right tool to restore well being to his clients and students. Described as a ‘hybrid healer’ Michael has a gentle intelligence and genuine passion to share his knowledge with anyone committed to living a better, more comfortable life in their body. He also presents his creative concepts to a variety of audiences including the Rolf Institute Membership Conference, AMTA National Meeting, Yoga Journal Conference, Reebok, Adidas, and Yoga Works.

  • Linda Munsey
    Linda Munsey

    Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Licensed Physiotherapy Assistant, Wellness Educator and Trained Wellness Coach. Linda's focus is healing and restoration of body, mind and spirit. With over a decade of teaching experience in various yoga traditions, Linda is also a Certified Personal Trainer, has completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and 300 hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Sarahjoy Marsh of the DAYA Foundation. Linda is also trained and certified in therapeutic modalities such as, Ayurvedic Shirodhara Treatments, Aroma-touch using Essential Oils, Treat While you Train using Therapy Balls for Myofascial Release, Trauma Informed - Brain-Sensitive Yoga, and Yoga for Cancer. Linda teaches Heart Centered, Mindful, Therapeutic Yoga Classes, and offers Private Yoga Therapy sessions in Portland Oregon and Online. She also volunteers through the DAYA Foundation Yoga Outreach programs, teaching Therapeutic Yoga to students with complex health concerns and chronic pain, in hospital settings.

  • Jennifer Rinde, RYT 500
    Jennifer Rinde, RYT 500

    Jennifer Rinde spent the first twenty years of her life training, rehearsing, and performing as a professionally ballet dancer. Her dance career ended early due to a neurological injury – a mysterious injury that would not have been discovered without yoga. Yoga led her on a journey of self discovery and learning about the mind-body connection. She became a RYT certified teacher in 2013, and in 2016 completed Sarahjoy’s Yoga Therapy program. She is passionate about providing classes with an emphasis on alignment, pranayama, and discovering the importance of movement – stretching, twisting, and balance to maintain strength in the body.

    When not teaching you’ll find Jennifer enjoying time with her husband and dogs, gardening, eating healthy food, studying – always a student, and playing with her new found hobby painting.

  • Lynn Morrison, RYT 500
    Lynn Morrison, RYT 500

    Lynn Morrison has been a student and teacher at DAYA since 2007. She is also a licensed massage therapist, a craniosacral therapist, and is board certified in Ida Rolf’s method of Structural Integration. Lynn owns the business My Bodyworks, where she provides bodywork, massage, structural integration, and private yoga classes. Lynn is currently in Sarahjoy’s Yoga Therapy Professional Training and is also pursuing training in fundamental osteopathic techniques with Jeffrey Burch and yoga health coaching with Cate Stillman. When not working with the body, you can find Lynn outside using her body to do things she loves– cycling, skiing, hiking, paddling, or birding with her husband, son or friends.

    “I am so happy to be a part of the DAYA foundation. I enjoy teaching yoga classes, strength conditioning classes and also anatomy or yoga therapeutics. I love working for a non-profit studio, knowing that practicing here supports other students who otherwise may not be able to practice. I will be studying and learning about the body and mind for the rest of my life.  I love teaching and being of service to others whether it is in a group class or privately.”

  • Camille Solyagua, MA, RYT 500
    Camille Solyagua, MA, RYT 500

    After 10 years of studying and practicing yoga, Camille decided to become a yoga teacher herself in order to share the journey of growth and integration she experienced with others. She is deeply committed to helping people understand how a devoted yoga practice can lead to a healthy mind/body connection and personal transformation.

    In 2012, Camille completed her 200-hour teacher training in hatha yoga at The Movement Center in Portland, Oregon. She completed her 500-hour yoga therapy training in June 2015 with Sarahjoy March at the DAYA Foundation.

    Camille has taught yoga to middle school students with learning differences, to adults in rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol, and to people living with PTSD. She has also worked with adults and seniors recovering from, or coping with the challenges of degenerative diseases, joint replacements and chronic pain. In addition, Camille was a vital member of the training team for the DAYA Foundation’s 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training program at the Oregon State Correctional Institution, helping long-term inmates complete their yoga certification and enabling them to offer yoga instruction to more vulnerable inmate populations.

    Before finding her yogic path, Camille worked as a professional fine art photographer for 20 years. When she is not practicing yoga, she enjoys time with family, friends and the constant companionship of a most beloved elderly dog. She also enjoys working in her art studio, playing music, and walking through the Northwest forests.

  • Pamela Olzman, RYT 200
    Pamela Olzman, RYT 200

    After working many years as an accountant, Pamela Olzman left the corporate life in early 2015 to follow her heart and become a yoga instructor. A student of yoga and meditation since her twenties, Pamela also draws on her teaching and coaching experience from her former life as a professional figure skater. Self-empowerment is fundamental to her practice, and her lighthearted teaching style is infused with encouragement and acceptance.

    Pamela completed the RYT 200 Amrita Yoga Teacher Training with Sarahjoy Marsh in Nov 2015. One of Pamela’s passions is assisting others to find relief from anxiety and stress through yoga and meditation.
    Pamela enjoys teaching a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle/ Adaptive, Yin and Restorative, while always focusing on safe alignment and a strong foundation. Her classes include meditation and are an easy pace suitable for beginners as well as experienced yogis, with modification suggestions based on individual needs.

    Appreciative of the many teachers throughout her life, Pamela continues to expand her knowledge and spiritual growth through a variety of courses and trainings, including her recent trip to India, where she had the honor of studying with several of her teacher’s teachers. When not on her mat, Pamela appreciates spending time with her family, hiking, bike riding and enjoying the sunshine. Additionally, she offers workshops to help people learn to consciously create their reality based on ancient and current teachings. You can learn more about Pamela's offerings her on website, http://www.pamelaoyoga.com

  • Vickie Saito, RYT 200
    Vickie Saito, RYT 200

    As a native Oregonian, Vickie was introduced to Iyengar yoga in 1989 and has been practicing ever since. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Sarahjoy Marsh in 2004 and hs pursued additional studies in therapeutic yoga, yoga for children and teens. She is a Nia Black Belt Teacher, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a MELT Method Instructor and teach Plant Based Nutrition. She specializes in Yoga for teens and has established a Holistic Wellness Curriculum at West Linn High School that enables students to get Wellness credit for their yoga class.

    Vickie believes yoga is possible for and beneficial to all people, no matter their age, body type, flexibility, or perceived limitations. As a teacher, she creates a joy filled safe space for yogis of all levels.

    Vickie is known for her innovative approach and inspirational teaching style. Her teaching philosophy is simple: she believes that when we live in harmony with our true nature, we naturally increase our vitality. She aims to create an environment where students cultivate deep connections within themselves to find more aliveness, joy and meaning. When not teaching Yoga, MELT or Nia, you will find Vickie upside-down in handstand; gallivanting up Wind Mountain with her two amazing kids and lively golden retrievers; splitting her literary indulgences between meditation books and some action-packed, pre-teen series; and settling dinnertime arguments over who gets to eat the last piece of kale. Inevitably, the dogs always win.

  • Jillayne Sorenson, Psy.D. RYT, RYT 200
    Jillayne Sorenson, Psy.D. RYT, RYT 200

    Jillayne Sorenson, Psy.D. RYT, is a psychologist, mindfulness educator and yoga instructor with a passion for sharing the healing benefits of mindfulness and movement practice. She completed yoga teacher training with Sarahjoy Marsh at the DAYA Foundation, and is the founder of Awake to the Heart where she works with individuals and groups teaching research-based practice to support increased resilience, health and well being through mindfulness.

  • Piquito

    Piquito is Sarahjoy’s beloved, senior, alternately-abled, big-eared dog. His day job at DAYA includes snoozing in the office or in a yoga classroom. He enjoys Yoga Strength Training & Conditioning, particularly on days when tennis balls are utilized in class, and savasana. Piquito is an introvert at heart and prefers not to be pet or approached.

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