There are several ways to support the DAYA Foundation. Here is a list of those who show their support by making a financial contribution to our programs. The DAYA Foundation receives donations through our sponsorships and one-time donations. To learn more about how to donate click the heart button in the upper right hand corner of this page or click here.  

DAYA Level

  • Elysa Foxman
  • Jill McBurney
  • Nancy Archer
  • Emily DeCarlo
  • Anne Weber

Dhristi Level

  • Jill Hearst

Bhakti Level

  • Jonathan Gifford
  • Jon Murray
  • Denise Foster
  • Carol Waterman
  • Kerry Gallagher
  • Cheryl Hodgson
  • Alena McElroy
  • Lisa Barnett
  • Sharon Lee
  • Derek Beauvais

Agni Level

  • Tricia Martinez
  • Michelle Lennox
  • Stephanie Earp
  • Patti Thompson
  • Marilyn Veomett
  • Lynn Morrison
  • Mary Davis
  • Emily Helm
  • Tristan Katz
  • Eric Torgeson
  • Inna Yagilskaya
  • Claudia Montagne
  • Patricia Digby
  • Linda Fealy
  • Susan Kirschner
  • Jenna Dalton
  • Sue Theroux

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