This unique, inspiring, and life-changing teacher training is a passionate call to cell barsthose who long to use yoga as a social justice tool!  Whether you’re already working in the field of social justice or endeavoring to start, this training program opens your mind and heart, expands your vision, develops your life skill set, deepens your intra- and interpersonal sensitivity and compassion, and prepares you to provide yoga as life-changing, empowering, and accessible tools for those whose potential may as of yet remain untapped, unrecognized,  or marginalized, but who can flourish and thrive with the integration of yoga in their life.

Why Yoga and Social Justice?
Social Justice is based on the concept of human rights in which all humans have, as their birthright, the freedom to realize themselves. Yet we live in a world with so much social injustice, an injustice to which we, often unknowingly, contribute.

Some of the obstacles people face in realizing their potential include access to resources for education, health care, mentors, healthy community, as well as both developmental trauma (growing up in invalidating, mis-attuned, chaotic, or troubled environments without access to safety, consistency, and nurturance) and event-based trauma (violence, humanitarian crisis, war, and so on).

Yoga is called a path of self-realization;

yet this realization, to truly serve oneself or others,

isn’t the realization of who we have been or who we might become,

but rather the realization of who we are in our shared humanity,

our vulnerability, and our potential.

Have you ever dreamed about teaching yoga?

Do you have a passion for social justice?  Are you inspired to bring yoga to people who would benefit from yoga but whose life circumstances either prevent them from participating or for whom the our culture’s approach to yoga excludes them?

Would you like to learn more about the philosophy and psychology of yoga (universally applicable teachings for awakening out of human suffering), anatomy and alignment, your personal dharma (duty, responsibility), and mindfulness tools?

Join Sarahjoy Marsh as she blends together her passion, knowledge, and more than 20 years of experience
with yoga and social justice in a very special 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

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